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Located a mile south of Niangua MO, Camp Niangua has been ministering to campers and workers alike for over 50 years.

Their board members are:

   Andy Rains, Chairman

   Jacob Jones

   Mark Henry

   Ben Ryan

   Ray Paxton

Upcoming  Events

Teen Camp: June 12-16

Pre-Teen Camp Session 1: June 26-30

Pre-Teen Camp Session 2: July 10-14

Registration deadlines:

Teen Camp: May 21

Pre-Teen Camp: June 11

For more information or to register on-line, go to

Camp  DIrector

Bruce and Dede have loved Camp Niangua since they were kids. Dede grew up attending camp, and worked in the kitchen as a teenager. As a Free Will Baptist pastor for over 20 years, Bruce brought youth, served as song leader, teen worker sponsor, and teacher.

Their kids grew up coming to Camp Niangua twice every summer for teen camp and pre-teen camp. In 2006, Bruce and Dede made Camp Niangua their home, and continue to enjoy “camp life.”

They count it an honor and a privilege to serve at Camp Niangua.