MO FWB Women's Ministry                                                              

The Missouri Free Will Baptist Women's Ministry is a vital, dynamic part of the ministry of our state and around the world. Their efficient organization leads to a great ministry. The main objective of Women's Ministry is the support of missions. 

At the state convention in June of 2019, the ladies voted to disband MOWAC and go under the Mo FWB Missions Board (MMB).  Changing their name to Mo FWB Women's Ministry.   

The MO FWB Women's Ministry funds an annual scholarship for a young lady from Missouri who will attend one of our Free Will Baptist Colleges.   Scroll down for information or to apply for the Women's Ministry Scholarship.

You can email them at

Their events include a  State Convention in June and their State Women's Retreat in September.

Their board members are:

   Lee Ann Wilfong, chairman (573-760-6756)

   Cassie Bass, vice-chairman

   Barb Cochran, secretary

   Deanne Lollis, treasurer                  

   Sarah Whitehead

   Jeri Morgan

Upcoming events

  • MO FWB Women's Celebration Service

    Our Celebration Service was held Tuesday June 8th at the Oasis Hotel & Convention Center.  The speaker was Amanda Garrett. The Garretts are National Home Missionaries in Champaign, Illinois.  

  • MOFWB Women's Retreat

    We held our annual Women's Ministry Retreat September 17-18 at the Radisson in Branson, MO.  To read a recap of the event see the November-December issue of the GEM Magazine.

Printable Forms

  • Treasurer's Report

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  • Women's Group Contact Info

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2019 Women's Ministry RETREAT

The 2019 retreat was held September 20-21 at the Lodge of the Ozarks. The speaker on Friday night was news reporter Sarah Forhetz.  Saturday morning Tracy Payne spoke.  

MO FWB Women's Ministy (formerly MOWAC) Convention

The 2019 Convention was held held on June 4that the Oasis Hotel and Convention Center in Springfield, MO.

Speaker: Ruth McDonald missionary in Japan.

Read a recap of the event in the 2019 July/August issue of the GEM.

A new name  -- A fresh start

Local church changes

*Ministry focus on FWB Missions and Missionaries does not change

*Your ministry involvement as women serving through your local Women's Ministry does not change.

*We are no longer WAC, Women Active for Christ. The state ministry will be titled MO FWB Women's Ministry. You can call your local women's ministry whatever you like. We still support WNAC (Women Nationally Active for Christ). We encourage each local group to support WNAC with monetary gifts to that office, in which the funds will continue to be used to further their missions support and the Provision Closet. See for more information.

*No longer need to collect annual dues to be sent in to State or National women's ministry departments. Therefore, any lady in your church can participate in your women's ministry

Association level changes from WAC to Women's Ministry

*Goal setting by the state Women's Ministry leadership to the associations and goal setting through your local association for projects discussed and decided on will not change.

*The structure at the state level will be titled MO FWB Women's Ministry. Therefore, for more unified information sharing and comparing we would like association level women's ministry to be referred to as (your association name Women's Ministry)

These changes are to encourage your local church and your local association to increase ministry involvement through the women of your church and association. It is our prayer that these changes increase the outreach potential of your church! Be excited, inviting and planning because - Together We Reach Out Further